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SEO services for local and national SEO, e-commerce, and CMS

We’re an SEO company based in Burton on Trent with over 10 years experience working with local and national companies. We were initially involved in Web Design but now concentrating primarily on Search Engine Optimising, maintenance, and Web Consultancy services.

Onsite Technical SEO

We mainly specialise in onsite technical SEO. This focuses primarily on your website itself, ensuring your site meets guidelines and provides the right layout, content, and coding structure. It also focuses on content and usability and therefore also helps to increase your conversion rate for both enquiries and sales.

Typical processes involve:

  • Improvement to content and copy
  • Navigation and category structure (for e-commerce)
  • Google Business Listings, search console, google plus, and all related products
  • Structured Data
  • Coding and structure of pages
  • Conversion Rate improvement, for sales and enquiries
  • e-commerce checkout optimising
  • visual amendments and improvements
  • improving user experience

and more..

Although we don’t offer link building services, these can sometimes be provided.


A complete service for your website

We don’t stop at just SEO. We also ensure that your website is kept up to date with improvements and plugins. These can often be vital for both SEO and usability. It also ensures that your site stays up to date with the latest security fixes.

We have a proven track record of improving brochure sites and e-commerce, and offer a consultancy service which has helped numerous small and medium businesses increase their online presence, sales, and enquiries.