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If you’re planning to launch a new website, or re-launch and existing website with a new platform, new ideas, and a fresh modern approach, you can often find yourself at the end of a large amount of information about who and what to use. The result is that you may end up with a website that is not right for you, or more importantly your visitors. This is where we can help in assisting and advising  you which platform would be right for you needs, and how it should be deployed for the best usability, for both yourself and your visitors.

When It comes to websites, there are several types of  companies you may come across. Each of these have their merits and pitfalls, and we aim to bridge the gap between what you need now, what you need for the future, and what your visitors need.

Website Developers are writers of code. They know servers and the code used to create websites inside out, and can make your website do anything you want it to. They code specifically to your requirements, and prefer to do this rather than use off the shelf systems such as wordpress, magento, prestashop, Joomla, Drupal etc etc. The risk here is that you may end up with a website which works very well for your specific requirements a the time, but omits important factors such as usability, conversion rate optimisation, future proofing, and SEO. You will also always be tied to the developers, and have to go back to them every time you want an update, or a new feature adding

Graphic Designers are talented individuals, and can create a beautiful looking website to your requirements. However, the technical knowledge beyond this can often be limited. We aim  act as a go between so that not only do you end up with a good looking website, but also one that is functional, converts your visitors, and is technically correct for SEO.

SEO Companies and agencies know how to manipulate your website to give it the best chances of appearing in googles organic listings. However unless you choose the right one they do little work on the website itself, and as a result you can not rely on them for updates, maintenance, layout changes or technical issues. The majority of SEO companies are also still offering the risky practice of link building as their primary service.

Website Designers are throwback to the early years of website creation. The term has now loosely become redundant, and you will find very few professional companies describing themselves as web designers

How we help

We aim to put you on the right track by acting as a bridging gap between all of the above. We don’t write bespoke website code or platforms, design graphics, or class ourselves as web designers. We work with your and your requirements to help put your web project on track, and save you costly mistakes later. We don’t favour one platform, and will assist you in choosing the correct one for your needs. We can liaise with developers, graphic design companies, and designers to help you achieve the required outcome.