We are ….

… a small SEO and web consultancy company based in Burton on Trent. We’re not a national company, and we don’t hide behind a larger facade. For our service providers for broadband, hosting, telephony and other requirements we seek out and use smaller companies because we feel get a better and more personalised service and support, and we hope to deliver the same ethos to our clients.

We’ve been involved in the web business since 2002, and after a brief period as a general web design company we switched to SEO in 2006. This has progressed to meet the requirements of modern SEO and as a result we now offer a service which is 50% technical SEO, and 50% maintenance and support. We not only promote your site, we look after it too. We are one of the few SEO companies that offer maintenance alongside standardised onsite SEO.

We pride ourselves on performing SEO by the book. We have never utilised a link campaign unless the client specifically required it, and the majority of our time is spent standardising your website to ensure it meets and exceeds the guidelines set by the search providers, and creating engaging content maximising your conversion rates. This includes google organic results, google local, google adwords, and all other products google offers. Not forgetting Bing and Yahoo (although very much secondary).

We are part of Software Diagnostics, a small but long established Software Support Company offering IT services and solutions for over thirty years.