1.5 million wordpress sites hacked following vulnerability

//1.5 million wordpress sites hacked following vulnerability

1.5 million wordpress sites hacked following vulnerability

2016 saw huge increases in the number of hacked websites

Aside from the below mentioned exploit,  2016 was a year that saw much higher incidences of site hacking or hack attempts, and most of these were with wordpress. WordPress is the most popular website content management system out there, with over 60% of websites running the platform. These include bloggers, hobbyists, and more recently and increasing number of corporate and small business websites.

Because of this popularity, wordpress is targeted by hackers and those looking to exploit vulnerable and badly managed installations. Unfortunately, this includes a huge amount of business websites which have been built for clients by web developers and design companies.

When you commission a web company to design your website using wordpress, there is often little or no plan put in place for future management of your installation. Generally, you only go back to the developers/designers when you need something changing or there is an issue with the installation. Often, this is too late and you have already exposed yourself to the hundreds of vulnerabilities that come about from not maintaining, updating, securing and managing your wordpress installation correctly.

Recent exploits in WordPress

A recent exploit saw 1.5 million wordpress installations hacked that were using version 4.7.2. WordPress had already released the security fix two or three weeks ago (v4.7.3), but due t o companies not having a properly managed update and maintenance plan, many installations will still be vulnerable both now and in the future. This is often the case. There are many old and unsecure installations being used for business that are rarely (or ever) updated. Its not just the wordpress installation itself either, as many plugins or either obsolete or insecure, or perhaps no longer doing their job correctly.

What happens if you get hacked?

Getting your business website hacked is not pretty . Within a day you could have thousands of additional posts appearing on your wordpress installation. These may not even be visible to you or your visitors. The hackers could be sending traffic to your website for phishing, spam, or other purposes and you may not know anything about it until you get a message from google saying they have removed your website from their results or flagged it as unsafe.  The cleanup operation is long, complicated, and expensive, and you will still be feeling the effects of it for many months afterwards.

Maintain and Secure your website

Maintaining your wordpress installation correctly is of course essential, but you also need to secure it. There are a number of procedures out there which need to be carried out to every wordpress installation to minimise the chances of a hack. These also need to be monitored, configured and maintained on a regular basis to ensure you respond quickly to any new threats. Regular security scans and checks need carrying out on top of this.

Nothing is gauranteed of course. Properly maintained websites are still prone to hacks, but you need to do all you can to mitigate the risks.

We maintain, update, secure, and test your website for you

For a very monthly small cost (as little as £24.99/month), we will ensure :

  1. your website is kept up to date with patches, updates, and upgrades
  2. add additional security layers
  3. perform regular security checks
  4. perform additional tasks if required (ie increasing site speed)

Should a hack occur …

  1. assist with the removal or fixing of future hacks, spam data, and and ensures your site is clean *
  2. rebuild your relationship with google

* (note that this often incurs additional costs)

For more information, give us a call or fill out the enquiry form.

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